Above is a clip of Dr. Ben Carson, a top neurosurgeon and graduate of Johns Hopkins. As a child who grew up in an inner city, he pushed himself to be more than his social circumstances dictated.

Numerous premedical clients have contacted me with their MCAT scores and GPA asking me the fated question, "Do I have a chance of getting into medical school?"

The reality of medical school admission is that the GPA and MCATS ONLY serve as an initial screening tool.

It determines whether you receive a secondary application or not.

Unfortunately, there is no special formula to medical school admissions.
Premedical Student AGpa 3.8
Peacecorp volunteer 2 years, Africa: working on an AIDS projected

obtained medical school admission

Premedical Student B
Gpa 3.4
Hospital volunteer
Americorp volunteer post-grad
Medical Clinic volunteer
Obtained medical school admissions

Grades/MCATs are important but do not forget about the extracurriculars.

Medical School Admissions committees want to know you are well-rounded.

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