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Premedical Preparation – Classes and Exams
While the profession has changed over the past few decades, being a physician is a challenging, esteemed, and potentially lucrative calling. As such, medical school admissions are quite competitive. Medical school applicants are required to complete dozens of applications, interviews, and exams. Even with all of these requirements, sadly, many excellent candidates are rejected each year. If you are considering medical school, premedical preparation cannot begin too early—some important decisions are made in high school....

Premedical Preparation – Recommendations
There is a part of the medical school application process that is not entirely within your control. As such, it is a source of significant anxiety among premedical students. Your admission to medical school will be based, at least in part, on the words of others.
In terms of those who write letters of recommendation on your behalf, often the most important is your premedical advisor. Even at large universities, this responsibility usually falls on a single person. You should get to know this person fairly well, and more importantly, you should allow this person to get to know you....

Premedical Preparation – Outside of the Classroom
Grades and standardized exams are only one part of the medical school application. You are essentially putting your entire academic life into a single application package—a package that will be heavily scrutinized. While good grades and scores will require a huge amount of time and energy to achieve, they really only get you in the door. It is the rest of your medical school application will set you apart from the competition. Once you are in the door, an important part of your medical school application package is what you did outside of the classroom....

Tips on Writing the Personal Statement

It is difficult to put a weight on the personal statement relative to the rest of the medical school application. It can safely be said that a very strange or disturbing personal statement makes a great reason for the medical school admissions officer to place the entire application in the reject pile. It also probably safe to say that the one or two Pulitzer Prize worthy personal statements that are submitted each year can make up for mediocre grades and test scores (not abysmal scores, mind you....

The Truth about Medical School

Medical school can be a wonderful, horrible, rewarding, draining life experience. The highs are some of the highest imaginable but the challenges can seem insurmountable at times. For the properly prepared, medical school can be a unique and greatly rewarding time; however, you should at least know what you are getting yourself into before you matriculate.

Tips to Surviving Medical School
If you are considering medical school, it is important to realize the commitment of time, energy, and money this represents. While being a physician has countless personal and financial rewards, the path to achieving that goal is fraught with trials of different sorts. The decision to become a doctor should not be made without significant thought and personal reflection—you should be honest with yourself when you arrive at this decision. ...
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