The Medical School Application Essay is the meat and potatoes of your application. Admissions committees glance over your school, grades and MCAT scores but find out the "real you" in your essay.


1. Do not tell the reader who your are. Describe it to them.

WRONG : I want to enter medicine because I love to help people.
RIGHT Ever since the day my little sister was diagnosed with leukemia, I knew I wanted to enter a healing profession.

WRONG I have a 4.0 science gpa and am very diligent. I think I will make a stellar medical student. I also am part of Notre Dame's Football team and can balance my life pretty well.
RIGHT: I consider myself a diligent student as I excel in the classroom as well as outside of it. I am currently quarterback of Notre Dame's football team....

2. Create a voice for your medical school essay.

Be yourself on paper as medical school admissions committees can see right past you if you depict yourself in a unreal manner.

These are examples of my words of advice as you go through your writing process. I will constantly challenge you and question you to write better so the medical admissions officer can see you for who you are.
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