Do you want to work in the hospital and be a healer? Do you want to make medications, perform CPR, work in an ambulance, and be in the front lines healthcare drama? Consider working in the medical profession! There are many medical professions to consider such as doctor, dentist, nurse, and paramedic. The choice is up to you.


There are two types of licensed doctors in the United States, the Allopathic physician (M.D) and the Osteopathic Physician (D.O). Both are fully licensed to practice medicine and prescribe medication. What's the difference? Osteopathic Physicians have an extra tool and learn to use their hands to help diagnose and treat different diseases. Both doctors see patients and become investigators of the body as they try to find out why their patients are sick. Expect to work long hours. Being a doctor is demanding yet rewarding! Average Doctor's salary is greater than $100,000 depending on length of training and specialty. In order to become an MD or DO, take many science courses in college and take the MCAT. Medical school is four years long with the first two years being in the classroom and the last two years being in the hospital. After medical school, pursue residency training. Internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, and pediatrics are just a few of the fields that may be chosen.


Caring for teeth is not as simple as it sounds. Dentists fill cavities, pull teeth, perform root canals, teach healthy oral hygiene, and more! To become a dentist, the education is just as intensive as becoming a doctor. Do well in your science classes, take the DAT or Dental Admission Test, and apply to dental schools by your senior year in college. Residency is not required for dentists but options to train in orthodontics and surgery exist. Lifestyle is not as demanding as the hours are fixed while working in an office. Average dentist salary is also greater than $100,000 depending on training, specialty, and length of experience.


Ever dream of being the next Florence Nightingale? There are many types of nurses. Nurse Practioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants all care for patients in different capacities. Nurse Practioners work primarily in clinics, go to school for six years, can see patients on their own and write prescriptions. Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses go to school for two to four years, follow doctor's orders and cannot write prescriptions.

Other medical professions
  • Podiatrist
  • Optometrist
  • Audiologist
  • Psychologist

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